My little brother got married!! 

This past weekend was one of the most special days for me… I got to watch my little brother marry his best friend, in Vegas at that! You couldn’t find a more perfect couple then these two and I felt so proud to be a big part of their day! While I couldn’t give any speech with out blubbering with tears, the whole wedding was magical. I could give lots of details but I think pictures really explain it all. 

Some pre-wedding photos first: 

And now the big day! 


The Beauties of Idaho….

While Ben and I have been trying to take advantage of choices while we still have them, we’ve also been enjoying our beautiful state before we head out. There are so many things that we love about Idaho, that we are definitely going to miss!

Of course, the obvious is family…Everyone we love is here. Friends, family, even acquaintances are going to be missed more that we even know right now. Even though I was only gone 3 months, I know firsthand how much you miss people. While I met new friends that I’ll forever be thankful for in Stebbins, and kept busy during most days, it was impossible not to constantly thinking of what friends or family were doing while I wasn’t there. While I am forever thankful for technology that has allowed me to keep in contact with everyone while I’m gone, it’s also really hard to check Facebook, or Face-time with friends to see everyone hanging out at a BBQ, birthday, holiday, or just a simple weekend, and realize I’m not part of it. These were the only times I actually cried from being homesick. Ben hasn’t had to deal with this yet, but I know even though we’ll be together, it will still be hard not to have our friends to call whenever we want to hang out!

The next thing that we will for sure miss, is the state of Idaho itself. Ben and I both love living in Idaho, it has everything we consider to be the perfect home for us. Living in Emmett is great because we are only 30 minutes from being in a bigger town with shopping, restaurants, activities, and just a million options. Then if we go 30 minutes the opposite direction then we will be in the mountains, with trees, rivers, lakes and some of the most beautiful scenery. This summer is pretty much full of activities, but we’re already making plans for next summer to pretty much spend it camping! We love being in the hills, even if it’s just for the day, and with Ben’s work schedule that’s about all we can do right now. I think that’s why Alaska wasn’t such a crazy choice for us as it seems to be for other people. One of the things we love about Alaska is all the outdoor experiences we will get to take advantage of.


Have you ever been to Idaho? What’s something you loved about it?


Do we ever get to relax?

Since coming home from Alaska it seems like it’s been go-go-go. After my returning from California (see previous blog), I went right back to work at Tom’s Cabin (family restaurant my family has owned since the 60’s.)  Mom couldn’t wait for me to get to work. I’ve also been substituting on the days I’m not working at the cabin. Substituting in Emmett does not pay nearly enough ($65 a day) but I figure it’s better than just sitting at home not making any money.

I’ve also been planning for our trip to Vegas in June for my brother Chad’s wedding (I’m the Maid of Honor, so I’m constantly planning), and trying to get things arranged for our big move to Alaska! This actually takes a lot of my time. For Alaska, I feel like paperwork has become my norm for right now. From filling out adult-ing paperwork for the school district (like insurance, retirement and other things that are making me feel old, but equally proud I’m to this point), paperwork for my Alaska Teaching License (I really thought applying for a license would be easier then this) and then there is trip stuff, paperwork for the dogs to be able to travel and a ton of other stuff I have constantly on my mind that needs to be done before August.

Ben also has been working crazy hours so the moment we get a chance to relax together we take that moment and run with it! We’re trying to take major advantage of having choices right now! Once we get to Pilot Point (our soon to be home in Alaska), our choices mainly will consist of what do we want to watch on TV that night and who’s cooking dinner. So while we can, we go for long drives, go to the movies, go out to restaurants for dinner, and enjoy just being able to do really whatever we want while we can! Even walking around the store is something that we will soon miss out on.

So while I complain about not relaxing right now I know, that in a few months, we will have more relaxing time then we will ever want. We might as well keep busy for the next few months and enjoy the go-go-go!

Anything you think we should do before we head back up to Alaska?

Going back to Cali…well went to Cali.

I realized I probably should continue my blog during the summer even though it’s probably not as exciting when I am home as it is when I’m in Alaska. Anyway, so far since being home I feel like I haven’t stopped.

One week after arriving back in the lower 48, my mom and I took off for California. We headed to Palm Springs/Indio, then to Long Beach/Seal Beach. We have gone on this trip every year for the last 4 years, so ever though I was only home for a week. While we were in Palm Springs/Indio we went to the Stage Coach Music Festival, it’s a 3-day country summer concert with all the major headliners. We got to see Eric Church, Chris Young, Sam Hunt, Eric Paslay, Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, Joe Nichols, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch, and so many other bands. On top of all the outstanding country bands we knew we were seeing, Sam Hunt brought out some special guests to sing a long with. You will never guess who came out….SNOOP DOG! Seriously!! The crowd went crazy! He sung like 3-4 songs, some new and some old. Also G-Eazy X Bebe Rexha came out too (they sing Me, Myself and I, which if you listen to any radio station besides country I know you’ve heard it).   It was an amazing time of course! My uncle, and cousins were also with us. Every day we hung out by the pool during the morning then headed to the concert in the afternoon till midnight or later every night. I can tell you, after 3 months in Alaska during the winter, coffee by the pool in Palm Springs is about the perfect way to thaw out. J Here are a few pics of us at the concert. 

After the concert we drove back to Long Beach/Seal Beach and hung out with Robert and Haley. I only get to see them a few times a year and it will probably be even less since I fully move to Alaska this August. This was amazing because I got to see Haley’s new baby bump!! I got to find out they were expecting the day I got home from Alaska!! I’m so excited to have another niece or nephew. It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a baby around. My oldest brother Tim and his wife are also having a baby girl, which is due in June, so I’m happy that I get to spend some time loving on her before I leave as well. It was great to be able to spend some time with Robert and Haley though because I probably won’t see them again till Christmas time, hopefully anyway. I’m hoping our Christmas breaks are around the same time and were able to see each other. Especially since Haley is due in October, so I’ll get to love on my niece or nephew the entire break! While we were there we did go to Downtown Disney, which is all the restuarants that are in Disney but you don’t have to pay the Disney land ticket price. Mom and I decided next year we are planning to go to Disneyland. Mom hasn’t been yet and I haven’t been since I was in high school so we definitely think it’s time for us to go. Here are a few pics of our time with Robert, and Haley.


Well that’s all for Cali. It seems this summer is packed full so I’ll make sure to blog more.

Do you have any exciting plans for the summer?