Pilot Point Carnival 2017 Day 2

We awoke this morning with the excitement of Carnival Day 2! The day started off with breakfast at 9am. With the band playing till late last night a lot of people mosied in and out till about noon for breakfast. We had very yummy biscuits and gravy with an egg. After breakfast we eagerly awaited the plane drop! 

The plane drop is where a small local aircraft flies over us and drops candy, and cardboard money! While the weather is pretty chilly today (4 with wind chill), that didn’t stop the whole village coming out and standing on our frozen lake waiting for the plane to fly over head. 

Once the plane came it was a frenzy of running in waist deep snow trying to grab as many card board pieces as possible! The card board pieces have money about a wrote on each one. 

The pilot flew over about 5 times, scattering bags of cardboard money and candy. Everyone was racing to fill their bags! 

It was so much fun and laughter echoed off the snow covered banks! I’m proud to say that I walked away with $21.21 as well as a free soda! Ben with just a little less but a free pretzel and a free smile! 

The next activity is smelting, but with out homdas or snow machines it’s to hard for us to get out to the smelting ponds so we are sitting this one out. We don’t really mind considering it has started to snow and blow more. 

After that we had a relaxing night until dinner. Yummy Turkey legs and corn on the cob! Such a great dinner followed by a live band and dancing! 

We danced the night away till about midnight. Not to many pics since it was pretty dark in our gym. 

Day 2 was a great success and we’re ready for the events tomorrow on our last day! 

Pilot Point Carnival 2017 Day 1 

Every year our village hosts an annual winter carnival. Since the day we arrived the kids have told us all about it! So needless to say we we’ve been so excited for this weekend. 

Day 1 started out on Friday the 17th. We let the kids out early since our first event started at 3pm and there was a lot of setting up to do. 

First event of the evening was our own Chopped Jr! We had six kids test their cooking knowledge which is slim to none. We had 3 judges just like on the show, our preschool Aide (Michael), our PE Aide (Warren) and yours truly, me! 

The kids were given hamburger, canned salmon, kidney beans, cranberry sauce and ….. frog legs! Yes, frog legs! As a judge I was a little worried but we had an adult at each table so I figured I’ve probably ate worse! I hoped! 

The kids actually surprised us and made some great dishes! We had an Eskimo mix up, a froggy burger, spaghetti, a mix of meat sloppy joe, a hamburger, and the winning dish was Curry Goulash. There was not a single dish that wasn’t pretty tastey! 

After Chopped Jr. , we started a poker run around the village along with a scavenger hunt. Unfortunately no one in our caravan won but it was still fun!

We ended the night with a band and dancing! 

Needless to say that day 1 of PIP Carnival was a hit!! Looking forward to day 2!