The Beauties of Idaho….

While Ben and I have been trying to take advantage of choices while we still have them, we’ve also been enjoying our beautiful state before we head out. There are so many things that we love about Idaho, that we are definitely going to miss!

Of course, the obvious is family…Everyone we love is here. Friends, family, even acquaintances are going to be missed more that we even know right now. Even though I was only gone 3 months, I know firsthand how much you miss people. While I met new friends that I’ll forever be thankful for in Stebbins, and kept busy during most days, it was impossible not to constantly thinking of what friends or family were doing while I wasn’t there. While I am forever thankful for technology that has allowed me to keep in contact with everyone while I’m gone, it’s also really hard to check Facebook, or Face-time with friends to see everyone hanging out at a BBQ, birthday, holiday, or just a simple weekend, and realize I’m not part of it. These were the only times I actually cried from being homesick. Ben hasn’t had to deal with this yet, but I know even though we’ll be together, it will still be hard not to have our friends to call whenever we want to hang out!

The next thing that we will for sure miss, is the state of Idaho itself. Ben and I both love living in Idaho, it has everything we consider to be the perfect home for us. Living in Emmett is great because we are only 30 minutes from being in a bigger town with shopping, restaurants, activities, and just a million options. Then if we go 30 minutes the opposite direction then we will be in the mountains, with trees, rivers, lakes and some of the most beautiful scenery. This summer is pretty much full of activities, but we’re already making plans for next summer to pretty much spend it camping! We love being in the hills, even if it’s just for the day, and with Ben’s work schedule that’s about all we can do right now. I think that’s why Alaska wasn’t such a crazy choice for us as it seems to be for other people. One of the things we love about Alaska is all the outdoor experiences we will get to take advantage of.


Have you ever been to Idaho? What’s something you loved about it?



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