We have a date! 

It’s beginning to be more official !! Our Alaska dreams are beginning to be so real! I spoke with the Bering Strait School District and we leave for the internship January 22nd. Last week before Thanksgiving they asked me to pick our top 5 schools/villages from the 15 in their school district.  My top 3 (incase you want to look into them) were Elim, Koyuk, and Unalakleet. I don’t know if we’ll be placed in any of these but they look like villages I could call home. 🙂 For now we are waiting to hear back from the district, I’m hoping very soon!

AS for now we are working on our little home, I’ve attached some pics. It’s coming along great! We’re going to be moving this week. Ben just finished doing the stairs, and kitchen cabinets and has been working on flooring the last couple days. I’ll post more pics later this week when we are all moved in. I just can’t wait to start decorating and creating our wonderful little home! After Ben does the flooring I gotta stain the stairs, and the little blocks on the barn door…. the barn door I created ALL By MYSELF!! I am so proud of that bathroom door! lol it’s seriously just what I was looking for but it’s even better because I made it!!

Ok I guess that’s all for now! If anyone has any shopping advice for Alaska please feel free to chime in! I need all the advice we can get! lol.


Until next time!

Mell & Ben