Do we ever get to relax?

Since coming home from Alaska it seems like it’s been go-go-go. After my returning from California (see previous blog), I went right back to work at Tom’s Cabin (family restaurant my family has owned since the 60’s.)  Mom couldn’t wait for me to get to work. I’ve also been substituting on the days I’m not working at the cabin. Substituting in Emmett does not pay nearly enough ($65 a day) but I figure it’s better than just sitting at home not making any money.

I’ve also been planning for our trip to Vegas in June for my brother Chad’s wedding (I’m the Maid of Honor, so I’m constantly planning), and trying to get things arranged for our big move to Alaska! This actually takes a lot of my time. For Alaska, I feel like paperwork has become my norm for right now. From filling out adult-ing paperwork for the school district (like insurance, retirement and other things that are making me feel old, but equally proud I’m to this point), paperwork for my Alaska Teaching License (I really thought applying for a license would be easier then this) and then there is trip stuff, paperwork for the dogs to be able to travel and a ton of other stuff I have constantly on my mind that needs to be done before August.

Ben also has been working crazy hours so the moment we get a chance to relax together we take that moment and run with it! We’re trying to take major advantage of having choices right now! Once we get to Pilot Point (our soon to be home in Alaska), our choices mainly will consist of what do we want to watch on TV that night and who’s cooking dinner. So while we can, we go for long drives, go to the movies, go out to restaurants for dinner, and enjoy just being able to do really whatever we want while we can! Even walking around the store is something that we will soon miss out on.

So while I complain about not relaxing right now I know, that in a few months, we will have more relaxing time then we will ever want. We might as well keep busy for the next few months and enjoy the go-go-go!

Anything you think we should do before we head back up to Alaska?


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