We’re home owners! 

Ok I know you’re thinking what the heck? You’re moving to Alaska why would you buy a home? Well it’s not what you think 😉 we bought a tiny home!! 

Yes you heard it right… A tiny home! It’s around 230 sq. ft. We put our new home on my parents property so that we have a place to come home too during breaks and holidays. A place that’s ours, where our stuff is and gives us the privacy we need still. 

Our tiny home is just that a home! It will have a full bathroom, and kitchen. The loft will be our bedroom and we couldn’t be more excited to move in to it! The difficult part but also freeing part is down sizing everything. We’ve had to really get rid of everything which is difficult but rewarding at the same time! It’s nice to know we won’t have the clutter, the mess and the just plane crap hanging out everywhere! 

The best part is when we leave in January for Alaska we won’t have to worry about a storage unit, or paying rent on a place were not living in, or who could be breaking in to our home. The house lets us have no worries or concerns about paying bills or if our belongings are safe. 

I’ll post some photos as we remodel and turn out shed into a tiny home!