Pilot Point #3 MY CLASSROOM!!! 

Ok so I waited to post my classroom till it was done… I think for now it is! Lol who knows though cuz I’m always changing my mind lol. Anyway here are some before pics 

Just your basic classroom, pretty boring really. Now for the after pics! I’m actually pretty happy with the way it turned out considering I’m in Bush Alaska!! 

So yeah! That’s my classroom! I’ve technically already moved the kidney table to another corner but it’s all trial and error so I’m sure ill move it 10 more times! Haha 


No-see-ums…. Ugh!! 

So living in Idaho we’ve always had pests, mainly mosquitos and flys. But I can tell you that I have officially encountered the most annoying pest out there… The No-See-Um! They are a fly looking bug but itty bitty (hence the name) and they bite! Good lord they are terrible! The worst part is their bites itch for days but are almost painful to scratch. Seriously they are one of the worst bugs! 

You have no idea how long it took me to get this picture. We have screens on our windows but the little buggers can get threw them! It’s like clock work at dusk when they start creeping to the Windows. It’s even worse when you take your dogs out and they think they need to prance through the tall grass. So while Pilot Point is green and beautiful, that green grass comes with these pests! But I guess it could be worse… Right! 

Pilot Point part 2-Housing 

Ok so for part 2 I’m going to show housing… Mainly for 2 reasons. 1 .For My family and friends who wanna know where I’m living and 2. For teachers thinking about coming up to Bush Alaska to teach. I know one big thing that was on my mind no matter what village I went to was, “what’s housing like?” So here is what housing is like in Pilot Point! 

My house is a duplex. My part is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment that for some may be small but for Ben and I just coming from our tiny house is perfect for us. There is a 4 bedroom house that my fellow newbie teacher to Pilot Point, Hannah and her husband Cody with their dogs, are living in. It’s pretty huge so we’re actually glad we didn’t get that one.  The apartment next to mine is a small 1 bedroom apartment that is used when the principal, counselor or others from the district come to our school. 

So here are pictures of our apartment. I took these right after we arrived so all our baggage and crap are in the way. After I get it fully set up I’ll try to take pictures of it looking more like home. 

One nice thing is that the apartments are fully furnished, so everything you see here is everything it came with! 

Our house on the outside

Our kitchen, small but perfect
Our bedroom thats actually pretty good size!
Of course the bathroom
Our spare bedroom with exercise bike included!
Our living room and dining table
Us after flying all day!

So that’s it! If there’s anything you wanna know or wonder just ask! 

Until next time! 

Pilot Point part 1

Ben and I (and the girls) have finally made it to Pilot Point, Alaska! It was a huge mix of emotions before we arrived but I’m happy to announce…. We love it here!! For those that still don’t know where I’m at, here is a picture. 

I’m that little star. Now the cool thing about our little village of 70ish people is its actually not that small! It may be low in population but it’s really spread out and beautiful!! The people also have been super nice and welcoming!! We’ve only drove around (yes, we have vehicles to drive) a little bit I wanted to share some pics of the village. In my next couple posts I’ll post of our home and the school. Here are pics of the village for you to enjoy! 

One thing about Pilot Point is the weather has been very unpredictable! One minute it’s clear skis and sun shinning then next it’s pouring rain, then back to sun. Well there is our village, of course I’ll be posting more as we go.. But right now I’m working on my classroom for post 3. My next one will be on our house.