No-see-ums…. Ugh!! 

So living in Idaho we’ve always had pests, mainly mosquitos and flys. But I can tell you that I have officially encountered the most annoying pest out there… The No-See-Um! They are a fly looking bug but itty bitty (hence the name) and they bite! Good lord they are terrible! The worst part is their bites itch for days but are almost painful to scratch. Seriously they are one of the worst bugs! 

You have no idea how long it took me to get this picture. We have screens on our windows but the little buggers can get threw them! It’s like clock work at dusk when they start creeping to the Windows. It’s even worse when you take your dogs out and they think they need to prance through the tall grass. So while Pilot Point is green and beautiful, that green grass comes with these pests! But I guess it could be worse… Right! 


One thought on “No-see-ums…. Ugh!! ”

  1. You are so right it can get worse. In 95 while filming a project for the outdoor channel the crew and I were in the Yukon river village of Galena interviewing the last surviving member of the Iditarod serum run when I first encountered the no see ums. I have a hard time figuring out which is worse,being on the North slope with clouds of mosquitoes or in the interior with the no see ums. The only time we got any relief was when we got in our boat and were moving.


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