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Ben and I have been together for 11 years. We're just homegrown, small town raised kids who fell in love. We currently live in Emmett, Idaho with our 2 kids (Zoey-lab, 7 yrs. & Bella-pug, 2 yrs.) but are planning to take our lives to the Last Frontier- Alaska! For a couple that's never been to far out of Idaho we are excited and nervous at the same time! This is going to be quite the adventure and we can't wait!

We’re home owners! 

Ok I know you’re thinking what the heck? You’re moving to Alaska why would you buy a home? Well it’s not what you think 😉 we bought a tiny home!! 

Yes you heard it right… A tiny home! It’s around 230 sq. ft. We put our new home on my parents property so that we have a place to come home too during breaks and holidays. A place that’s ours, where our stuff is and gives us the privacy we need still. 

Our tiny home is just that a home! It will have a full bathroom, and kitchen. The loft will be our bedroom and we couldn’t be more excited to move in to it! The difficult part but also freeing part is down sizing everything. We’ve had to really get rid of everything which is difficult but rewarding at the same time! It’s nice to know we won’t have the clutter, the mess and the just plane crap hanging out everywhere! 

The best part is when we leave in January for Alaska we won’t have to worry about a storage unit, or paying rent on a place were not living in, or who could be breaking in to our home. The house lets us have no worries or concerns about paying bills or if our belongings are safe. 

I’ll post some photos as we remodel and turn out shed into a tiny home!  


2 updates in 1 day!?! what the…

I just thought I would show you guys the area we’re headed. Right now were looking at going to the Bering Strait School district. Which is located in the upper northwest of Alaska.

Which in this pic it’s the green funny shaped area that is poking out. The rumor is I can see Russia if I stand on a mountain….;) We shall see that when we get there though right? haha

Until next time,


Just a little update….

OK I know I haven’t given an update in awhile but mainly it’s because I don’t have much to update. lol I’ve been doing a ton of research on where were going also a few other districts that are hiring. I’m pretty sure we want to stay with the Bering Strait School District (around Nome) but it would be kind of nice to be somewhere it doesn’t go below -40. 🙂 The only problem is if I go to low then it’s rain all the time and personally I would rather have 50 ft of snow then weeks on end of rain…so I’ll just continue researching till I have to make a final decision. Also I just started reading a great book called “Tide, Feather Snow- A Life in Alaska” by Miranda Weiss. She describes Alaska with so much detail it makes me want to go there even more! I can’t wait for Ben and I to experience this adventure for ourselves. If you want  a good book I recommend it. Like I said the details she uses makes you feel like your sitting there with her.

What else is there…..

Ben and I have started shopping for things we may need. Right now we pretty much have an Amazon Wish list going. It’s bound to get a lot bigger but we have just started. If anyone feels so inclined to help make some of our wish list dreams come true here’s the link

Were assuming it’s going to cost us about $2000 just in new winter clothes before we go. I mean we have winter clothes for Idaho winters that do very well but we are definitely not prepared for cold, -40, Alaskan winters. So our shopping list mainly contains that stuff. We are also working on getting a shed/apartment thing done at my moms house so that we have a place to come home to during summer and holiday breaks. So be expecting a huge yard sale at the end of summer because everything and I mean EVERYTHING is going! What we can’t fit (and absolutely need) in our little shed/home then it’s being sold. I refuse to pay for crap to sit in a storage for 2-5 years.

Ok I guess that’s enough ranting. If anyone has any questions please don’t be afraid to ask or just comment. Were super excited for this adventure and honestly I love talking about it 🙂

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Welcome……My first post! Yeah!

Well…welcome to our page!

I have to first give credit where credit is due…thanks to my amazing niece (she takes after her incredible Aunt) Alex for giving us the idea for our blogs name! I was wracking my brain and could never come up with a name, and well you can’t have a blog without a name..So Thank You Alex for coming up with the name!!

Second, what the heck is this blog about?

Well, glad you asked 😉 This blog is mainly going to be about Ben and I and our adventures that we take on. For those that know and those that don’t …..We are Moving to ALASKA!!

I know this seems a little crazy but we’ve been given an opportunity that is to good to pass up. What’s that offer? I am about to graduate from EOU (Eastern Oregon University) with my Teaching certificate and I’m super stoked! The classroom is where I am meant to be. I can’t even explain my passion for teaching right now. (Maybe a future post) Any way, an opportunity to come teach in Alaska came up, and after a lot of discussion, we decided it was to good to pass up. The short summary of it is I’ll get my student loans paid off! That is the huge incentive! It could take me my entire career paying off my loans but with this opportunity it will be paid off in just a few years. Not to mention all the other benefits that come with living and teaching in Alaska: great pay, amazing benefits for not only me but Ben as well, Alaska oil dividends and not to mention: the incredible once in a lifetime chance to live in the exceptionally beautiful Alaska territory. Downfall: We’ll be far away from everyone we love and know. This will be the hardest part of it all! I’m so close to my family and I have the best friends a girl can ask for! So what does this mean? Ben and I better have lots of visitors!! I mean it!! There better be lots of visitors!

Anyway, now you know the main basis for this blog I hope you’ll continue to follow.