Enjoy long walks on the beach

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted…I’ve just been crazy with teaching and such but I definitely think it’s getting a lot easier! 

While I’ve missed several things about being home, such as coffee shops, cafes’, small things, and of course my family and friends, I have been trying to keep busy here. I could definitely see how people could get stir crazy if they didn’t have the ability to entertain themselves! 

Last weekend, the other teacher and I decided we needed to get some fresh air! So we took a walk. 

Down the beach from us is the set netters camp. It’s almost a small village on its own that is abandoned during fall-spring, but during the summer I hear its booming. There are several small houses and sheds that the fishermen use during them peak fishing season. 

Neither of us were brave enough to walk that far on our own (bear season is in full bloom) but we figured since we were together we would probably be loud enough. Plus we were on the hunt for Japanese glass floats, unfortunately we didn’t find any but we did have a good time. I took several pictures of the set netters camp and other things on our walk so even though we didn’t find what we were looking for it was still wonderful to get out and enjoy the amazing weather why we had a chance! 


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