Pilot Point part 1

Ben and I (and the girls) have finally made it to Pilot Point, Alaska! It was a huge mix of emotions before we arrived but I’m happy to announce…. We love it here!! For those that still don’t know where I’m at, here is a picture. 

I’m that little star. Now the cool thing about our little village of 70ish people is its actually not that small! It may be low in population but it’s really spread out and beautiful!! The people also have been super nice and welcoming!! We’ve only drove around (yes, we have vehicles to drive) a little bit I wanted to share some pics of the village. In my next couple posts I’ll post of our home and the school. Here are pics of the village for you to enjoy! 

One thing about Pilot Point is the weather has been very unpredictable! One minute it’s clear skis and sun shinning then next it’s pouring rain, then back to sun. Well there is our village, of course I’ll be posting more as we go.. But right now I’m working on my classroom for post 3. My next one will be on our house. 


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