NYO-Native Youth Olympics

This weekend we had the a practice game of the Native Youth Olympics against St. Michael, a little Battle of the Islands. When I first saw them practicing for this I was super excited but then found out they wouldn’t be competing here in Stebbins. So I was excited again when I found out I was going to be able to see a small competition between us and St. Michael. The Native Youth Olympics are where students compete in an array of different skills and strengths that are a part of their Alaskan heritage. Some of the events include the Alaskan High Kick, Arm Pull, Eskimo Stick Pull, Kneel Jump, One Foot High Kick, One Hand Reach, Scissor Broad Jump, Seal Hop, Two-Foot high kick, and Wrist Carry. It was amazing watching these Athletes compete. I’m posting some photos from last nights event. I know I’m not explaining each event but it would take forever to explain each event, so you can always go online and get more information if you want.

Eskimo Stick Pull, the Wrist Carry, and the Seal Hop



The Alaskan High Kick, Kneel Jump, One Foot High Kick


And of course the amazing fans!



Every time we sit down it becomes beauty parlor 😉


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