Where did March go?

Does anyone else feel like March was skipped? It seemed to fly by so fast! With April beginning so does my countdown of going home to Idaho. At the end of April I will be done with my internship. I have so many mixed feelings about this.

Some of the negatives about going home… I have made some of the greatest friendships here in Stebbins. I absolutely love every person I work with and have made some life long friends. It’s just insane to me how I can get so close to so many people especially in only 3 months. They are not just coworkers to me, they have seriously become my family up here.  I also feel like I’ve become a part of the community. The kids, even though some days are an insane house, have really touched me and I just want to take them all home! lol. I love seeing them in the village and they come running up to me so excited to see me! I love being at games, or community events and the children just love being with you and the funny stories they tell me, and our beauty parlor we would do because they were obsessed with my hair. I also love the culture here in Stebbins. To learn so much about the Yup’ik culture. I love hearing the stories, attending the events, and learning about something completely new to me. History is just amazing, and for here, heartbreaking at times.  It’s going to be very hard on me my last week to tell everyone and the kids goodbye. I predict lots of tears that day!

The positives about going home…I get to see my friends and family!! Duh!!! I’ve really missed everyone! It’s been very difficult being up here without Ben. I know it was best that he stayed home to get things done and keep working but some days I wanted to throw in the towel and come running home just to see him! So needless to say I’m super excited to seem my husband. I’ve also really missed my family and friends. To see pictures of them doing different things together has really bummed me out some days. My mom, family, and best friends are a huge part of my life and to have them so far away has been extremely hard!! I thank god for technology, that has given me the ability to talk to my family and see them whenever I want. It’s helped me keep my sanity.

No pictures this time but I promise next post will have lots and lots!

Until next time

~ Mellisa


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