My apartment

Since I’ve been here in Alaska (2 whole weeks tomorrow!) I’ve been staying with one of the other teachers, Rayna. She’s been so amazing letting me say with her, and has really became a great friend to have here, but I now have my own place. I couldn’t move in right away because the maintenance crew was staying in it, they are gone now so it got cleaned and I got the keys this week. I went in there yesterday and took pics. It’s nothing cute right now lol. There are a lot nicer apartments here but of course they’re being lived in…in fact Rayna lives in one of the nicest, so I’ve been lucky. This weekend I plan to move in. I’ll be honest when I first went in, even though I knew it was one of the older apartments, I was slightly bummed. Ok I was really bummed. After living in a nicer apartment this whole time, my apartment really let me down. But I started to look on the positive side, (There is always a positive side!), it really just needs my girly touch!! So this weekend I’m going to get in there, move things around, try to decorate with what little I have and see what I can find in the storage room, and pretty soon my house will be my cute little apartment!!

So here are some pics of my apartment, I’m posting them so you can see what I do with my house this next week. 🙂 I’ll post pics of the “remodel” when I’m done! I vow to make it cute! Wish me luck!



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