Way behind

Ok so I admit I’ve totally failed at the blogging situation! I’m going to try to get better at it! First of all….I’m in Alaska! I’ve made it! My last post was about 3 months ago and tons have happened!! It was almost a whirlwind of excitement!

In November I got my notice that I would be leaving Jan. 22 so after that I started preparing. Pretty much my days were spent just doing research and getting things ready for my trip. (Which I totally recommend if you’re going to do something like this, that you totally research as much as you can!) My research has really helped because I wasn’t totally caught off guard by everything.

In January I found out I would be living in Stebbins, AK. It’s a small village on the north west shore. It has about 550 people living here, 95% primarily native. The school has 185 students k-12.

I ended up flying out of Boise, Idaho on January 21. I flew into Anchorage where I spent 3 days, at an RTI conference, meeting other teachers/administration from our district and other districts in Alaska. It was a great training and I’m very lucky to have been part of it considering only a couple people from each district went. But it was also great to get to meet so many people! I seriously think that being super nice and inviting is just a requirement for teaching in Alaska!

So I’m going to end this post with pictures while I was in Anchorage. My next post will be more on Stebbins since I really need to get caught up.

So make sure you read my next one to see more!



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