Just a little update….

OK I know I haven’t given an update in awhile but mainly it’s because I don’t have much to update. lol I’ve been doing a ton of research on where were going also a few other districts that are hiring. I’m pretty sure we want to stay with the Bering Strait School District (around Nome) but it would be kind of nice to be somewhere it doesn’t go below -40. 🙂 The only problem is if I go to low then it’s rain all the time and personally I would rather have 50 ft of snow then weeks on end of rain…so I’ll just continue researching till I have to make a final decision. Also I just started reading a great book called “Tide, Feather Snow- A Life in Alaska” by Miranda Weiss. She describes Alaska with so much detail it makes me want to go there even more! I can’t wait for Ben and I to experience this adventure for ourselves. If you want  a good book I recommend it. Like I said the details she uses makes you feel like your sitting there with her.

What else is there…..

Ben and I have started shopping for things we may need. Right now we pretty much have an Amazon Wish list going. It’s bound to get a lot bigger but we have just started. If anyone feels so inclined to help make some of our wish list dreams come true here’s the link https://amzn.com/w/104RMEREUHZCE

Were assuming it’s going to cost us about $2000 just in new winter clothes before we go. I mean we have winter clothes for Idaho winters that do very well but we are definitely not prepared for cold, -40, Alaskan winters. So our shopping list mainly contains that stuff. We are also working on getting a shed/apartment thing done at my moms house so that we have a place to come home to during summer and holiday breaks. So be expecting a huge yard sale at the end of summer because everything and I mean EVERYTHING is going! What we can’t fit (and absolutely need) in our little shed/home then it’s being sold. I refuse to pay for crap to sit in a storage for 2-5 years.

Ok I guess that’s enough ranting. If anyone has any questions please don’t be afraid to ask or just comment. Were super excited for this adventure and honestly I love talking about it 🙂

Until next time,



One thought on “Just a little update….”

  1. Melissa, also check out any army surplus kinds of places you can find to look for “bunny boots” — they are white and look kind of like Mickey Mouse’s feet LOL, but they keep your feet both dry and warm at about any temperature. Pam


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